Next Coherence User Group

After a small break in London Coherence User Group (LCUG) events – mainly due to me being swamped by the “Oracle wave”, we’re now back in full motion!  The best part of it is that LCUG – now the Coherence Special Interest Group (SIG) – has a new home with the United Kingdom Oracle Users Group, or UKOUG.What’s good about this?  Well to start with UKOUG is an independent professional organization that is dedicated to running Oracle User groups.  It’s not run by Oracle, but by the user communities themselves… and they are huge!   There are over 9,000 members – and I think over 4,000 are going to the UKOUG conference in December (where I’m speaking).  And… by “dedicated” I mean exactly that.  They have a bunch of full-time staff to help run the 120+ community events per year. Also they help foster cross-industry and cross-domain knowledge transfer. So if the community wants to say, know more about Coherence and RAC integration in the field, it’s easy to get the groups together.So when’s the next event?  Well you can find out and register for free here.  Look forward to seeing you at there. 


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