Mac OS Upgrade: Tiger to Leopard with No Problems!

This must be the first time I’ve ever performed an operating system upgrade without any issues. Yesterday I upgraded OS X from Tiger to Leopard (not a rebuild but upgrade) on my Mac Book Pro, a original Intel Core Duo (not Core 2), 2gb, 100gb HDD. The total upgrade process took just over an hour. It went like this; insert DVD, select upgrade, wait, remove DVD, done.

I actually picked up my Leopard upgrade disk over a month ago when I was last in the States (at Oracle Open World) – Apple stores in the States are much cheaper than in the United Kingdom! It’s been sitting in it’s flashy Apple box for the best part of a month mainly because I haven’t had a chance to perform the monumental backup – just in case I experienced a complete disaster as I’ve seen with other operating systems. I actually backup my notebook regularly, but I needed to make a “fresh” snapshot and this was going to take some time. It was also the first time I’ve upgraded a Mac OS.

It wasn’t until I was at my Brother’s place (where he’s now got 2 Macs since he switched) that I had a chance to look at the process. In fact it was probably my generally non-technical Brother’s experience “yeah I did that ages ago, no problems” that reassured me I could perform the upgrade without losing a few days of my life and valuable information.

What next? Well I’ve still got a few applications to update – like MailTags, but apart from that everything works as expected.

Yet another reason why I won’t be going back to Windows!

[update: April 10th 2008]:  The only challenge I really had since doing the upgrade from Tiger to Leopard was  Prior to 10.5.2 it really didn’t handle Secure IMAP and Secure SMTP very well – which was a bit of a pain as I use this all the time while I’m on the road.  However… 10.5.2 fixed it completely.  It’s rock steady.


16 responses to “Mac OS Upgrade: Tiger to Leopard with No Problems!

  1. i have a question, if i feel that my macbook(tiger) needs an upgrade because its real slow and troublesome and i dont have my password (no system updates),

    is there a type of upgrade that deletes all your previous files and starts with leopard from scratch? if so, please respond

  2. If you want to perform a clean install of Mac OS Tiger, check out this link:

  3. i think i have lot of files and applications which i dont want to reinstall again…so for that i think upgrade process is good. what do you say? will it slow down my system? i am running Macbook Black with 160 HD with 2GB ram with super drive.

    • I’d still back everything up… I did. Turns out for me it was a waste of time as the upgrade went smoothly. Took some time though.

      I’m guessing you keep your applications up-to-date, so it *should* be easy.

      All the best

      — Brian

  4. Hi. I have a problem I’ve been facing with my Mac Mini that is currently running on Mac OS X Tiger. The startup is fast as usual,but when I try opening an application,say Safari,it takes quite long before my homepage loads up. I checked the internet connection with my other PC that runs on Windows but it was fast,so that was when I suspected something was up with my Tiger.

    When I try to go to other websites,it takes about 15 and sometimes even to 25 seconds to load,and it isn’t fully loaded till about a minute. My computer has many files in it,but it has not reached its maximum limit,so what is the problem then?
    FYI,its software version is 10.4.11.

    • My guess… out of memory. Get some more memory installed (if you can). Also note, older generations of Mac Mini’s aren’t the fastest machines. The Hard Drives also aren’t fast. You could perhaps upgrade the Hard Drive.

  5. What do you guys suggest is the best way to back up your mac on a regular basis? I back my documents regularly but never the software that I have installed…I will need to do that before upgrading I think…

    • Sorry for the delay. Apple recommends Time Capsule. Personally I have a few terrabytes of RAIDed storage that I just copy my files to periodically.

  6. Hey, i am trying to upgrade from OS 10.4.11 to 10.5.7 Which means i am now running OS 10.4.11 and need change to 10.5.7
    But My laptop is PowerBook G4 PPC
    I bet most of the new OS is for Intel based.
    How do i upgrade to Leopard OS.
    Is it ok to install OS that came with MacBook Pro intel based or from Mac Mini Intel Based to my PowerBook G4??

    • Sorry for the delay. I think you have to purchase an upgrade. I’m not sure if the operating system that comes with the Intel-based Mac’s supports the G4 chipsets.

  7. brian adam stones

    Hi brian I am new at this: but I Have a Question?
    I have a imac ppc g4 flat panel witth 512 megs of ram and 700 mhz processor and a 38.17 gb hard drive. And I was wondering is it safe or should I say is it ok to update. you see I want to get the most out of my mac. so is it ok to update mac os x 10.4.11 tiger to mac os x 10.5.1 leapard. thanks

    • Personally I don’t have much experience with PPC-based Macs (well it was a long time ago and I didn’t own the machines). However according to wikipedia here: Leopard is supported for PPC G4-based machines so you should be fine. As usual, backup everything up that’s important to you (I always do, even though it’s a total pain), then go for it. For me Leopard was much nicer than Tiger. I also found it a bit zipper. To really make the upgrade worth it however, get your hands on as much ram as you can for your machine. It should be pretty cheap these days for your model and it will certainly extend the life of it.

      Hope this helps.

      — Brian

  8. Hi i have read the previous i have tried the same installation but borrowed some leopard discs and it keeps coming up with osx 10.6 is not compatable with this computer? Will i have to buy an upgrade disc

    • Sounds like you’ll need to upgrade your computer.

      From what I understand 10.6 only works on Intel 64-bit systems.

  9. hey man, i just bought a mac 2007 g5 tower that i believe is running tiger. but for my busniess i need to have it running leapord. i have the leapord disk but it wnt install and since i dont have the keychain password it wont let me update it…can you tell me how to either get the dick going or how to get my keychain password. or if theres an easier way then those two then that would be much appreciated as well.

    • Sounds like you need to get the root/administration password from the previous owner. Alternatively, backup your data and do a clean install. A password wouldn’t be required then. Just erase the Hard Drive and install. The root/administration password on the new install would then be a password you set.

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