Turbo-Charging Applications with Data Grids

One of the truly great things about the Tangosol acquisition by Oracle – and so far there have been no bad things, only challenges 😉 – has been “being a part of the team scaling out the Tangosol organization through out Oracle”.  A crucial part of this work, that of which I’ve been heavily involved, has been training up the great solutions architecture folks at Oracle, basically all around the world.

While it’s sometimes been personally challenging being on the road for many months at a time – like regularly crossing three different time-zones a week – it’s great to see the proverbial army of Oracle Coherence solutions architects emerging, in almost every country and every solution domain.  Like scaling out Coherence itself, Oracle has been quietly scaling-out the technical know-how of Coherence through-out the organization globally, just as effectively, simply by adding highly experienced and dedicated resources… and lots of them, in parallel, everywhere at once.

One of the countless passionate-about-solutions-architecture people I’ve met and worked with at Oracle is Tim Middleton, based in Perth, Australia.  Tim’s got a truck load of experience with Java and Database technology, in almost every layer and across many domains.  For the past few months, actually since I met him in August 2007, he’s been instrumental in working with Oracle Coherence in Asia Pacific (together with a bunch of other great people), but has recently started publishing articles on Data Grids – and turbo charging applications.

Below is a link to his first article “Turbo Charging Applications…”, recently published by the Java Developers Journal.  It’s a nice introduction to Distributed Caching and separately, Data Grid concepts, the challenges faced by architects, solutions and code examples.  Take a read.



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