Monthly Archives: May 2008

SLA-based dynamic Data Grid provisioning

While I haven’t and unfortunately won’t get a chance to hang out at JavaOne this year (even though I’ve been in San Francisco for most of the week) it was great to see an Oracle Coherence + newly acquired BEA technology demonstration given by Thomas Kurian and Mike Lehmann.

The really cool part for me was the integration of BEA WebLogic Operations Control (WebLOC) with Oracle Coherence. Mike gave a live demonstration on how WebLOC could be used to automatically maintain dynamically created SLA’s for an application or its’ infrastructure (like aggregate memory consumption in an Oracle Coherence Data Grid) and react appropriately in real-time as those SLA’s were violated.  Or more specifically, Mike showed how WebLOC could dynamically start (ie: provision) new Oracle Coherence instances on the fly as an application required more capacity, without human intervention or going to a “console” to do it yourself. (There have always been techniques to do this but the WebLOC approach is truly elegant).

It’s only been a few days since the BEA acquisition was completed by Oracle and yet we can already see some great integrations, some that I’m sure will redefine the Data Grid landscape.

Check out the presentation here: