Next Oracle Coherence SIG – The Summer Edition (updated)

I’m happy to say that the “Summer Edition” of the UK Oracle Coherence SIG agenda has now been finalized!

The date has been set for the 3rd of July, 2008 at the usual location – Oracle Offices, 1 South Place, London. Details and registration are now available here. If you’ve previously registered for a SIG you’ll receive an automated email to register for this event.

So what’s on the agenda?  Continuing on from the last SIG, the first session will discuss Coherence 3.4 in detail (code examples, demonstrations etc).  This will be a big session with plenty of opportunities to ask questions.  We’ll be covering a bunch of new cool features, including some not discussed at the last SIG. Of course, there will be some examples of Coherence C++.

The second session will discuss real-time monitoring of Coherence and how Evident Software used Coherence itself to build a scalable platform for real-time system monitoring.  It’s a pretty cool concept – using Coherence as infrastructure to gather and report on real-time systems, including infrastructure like Coherence itself.  

[update] The last presentation was going to be about a recent integration project conducted with Platform Computing.  Unfortunately due to time constraints, Platform Computing can’t make it.  They have agree to present at at future SIG, hopefully at either the Autumn or Winter editions.

Hope to see you there!

PS: The “Autumn Edition” UK Oracle Coherence SIG will be held on the 15th of October.


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