Apple+1. Microsoft-1.

Having just returned from a great yet way too short holiday touring the historic sites of the Normandy D-Day Landings, I decided to take a few moments to upload my photos onto my Mac Pro (using iPhoto).  Of course it was easy.  Plug Canon D400 into the USB port on the front of my Mac Pro, open iPhoto, click import, type in an event name, wait a few moments, done.  Both RAWs and JPEGs viewing nicely on my 30″ screen – just like being there. 🙂

Of course then my flat mate wanted a copy on his Windows XP machine.  Ok easy. Select the event “France 2008 Holiday”. Select all of the photos (Command A), then select File > Export. Select a format. “Original” would do nicely. Choose an export folder. Select Ok… done.  Copy the folder of photos to a USB stick (an easy way to move files) and hand it over to my flat mate.

Now the pain starts.  Firstly the photos are huge.  These D400’s take 10.something megapixel photos so putting them on the web or emailing each 12mb file to people, especially using Windows XP isn’t going to be easy (very easy with OS X, just choose email and the size you want!).  Secondly, how to do shrink the files down to a reasonable size so you can put them up on, say Facebook?

“Geez… I don’t know” was my response.  “You probably need to get some software to do that… try Google’s Picasa“.  Yep.  That’s what we had to do.  Downloaded Picasa (a nice piece of software), import the photo’s etc, learn how to use it, do manipulation etc.  

An hour or so later, it’s almost done.

Ok… I may be a bit harsh and Windows Vista probably does this all nicely now.  However it definitely looks like another reason why someone will “switch” to the Mac.  If they have to upgrade (read replace) their system to get Windows Vista, why not just buy something that is designed to work out-of-the-box?

Apple + 1.  Microsoft – 1.


2 responses to “Apple+1. Microsoft-1.

  1. Just to note that Preview can Save As… JPEGs with quality (i.e., compression) set as you like. And I’d assume that iPhoto can do that trick as well.

  2. So I wanted to use my iMac as a media centre. Well why not it comes with a nice remote (that can turn the mac off but not on!).

    Connecting to my plasma tv … Wait! I need a bespoke piece of apple hardware to convert from mini dvi to hdmi.

    Ok hardware purchased, lets connect it to the TV. Hang on, the whole purpose of HDMI is so that the device on the other end can query the display device and display the image accordingly. So why do I have borders on my display? Why is the aspect ratio wrong? No idea. Maybe I can correct this in the system settings … appears I can’t.

    This is where the pain begins.

    Hang on … my xbox360 seems to have no problem displaying a 720p image … neither does my xp machine.

    Maybe someone on a mac support forum can help me …. turns out I need to *buy* a piece of third party software in order to display the correct resolution.

    This is yet another example of someone who switched to a mac only to find it was ill equipped to deal with the modern world and resorted to installing windows on said iMac.

    Microsoft +1 Apple -1

    Balance restored 🙂

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