Coherence across a WAN? Push Replication rocks!

We’ve done a lot of work in the past six months to simplify how to use and deploy Coherence Data Grids around the globe.  It’s always been possible to do these things – Coherence provides some great infrastructure like *Extend to do this – but we’ve lacked a concrete framework.  The Push Replication Pattern is making some serious in-roads to solve some of the challenges faced when designing a globally distributed Data Grid.

There are some great advantages of this pattern;

  1. We’ve provided the complete source code for it.  You can embed, change, enhance it as you like.  No restrictions.
  2. It provides support for completely asynchronous, but guaranteed in-order updates (with batching) between multiple-sites (Data Grids).
  3. It provides a completely pluggable infrastructure layer to programmatically resolve data conflicts between sites.
  4. It avoids the classic problems of other approaches, like explicitly setting up dedicated and single point of failures with Mirror Services, Gateways or routers.  The solution simply embeds in your application.
  5. It’s completely monitorable via JMX.
  6. It supports almost every type of WAN replication/synchronization scenario, including; one-to-one (uni-directional), one-to-one (multi-directional), many-to-one (uni-directional “centralized”), one-to-many (uni-directional “hub”), many-to-many (multi-directional “mesh”) architectures – with all of the above mentioned guarantees.
  7. It’s not just a theoretical pattern – it’s in production in several large projects.
  8. We’re constantly enhancing it based on customer demand and feedback.

I’ll leave you with this quote:

“The [push replication] tools are working very well.  This is very good news for us, as it allows us populate and re-populate caches across the globe in a safe and consistent way.  Thanks…”


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