London Coherence SIG: Winter Edition: January 22nd 2009

[Updated] We’ve finalized the next Coherence SIG in London.  It’s to occur on the 22nd of January, at the Oracle Offices, 1 South Place, 6th Floor, between 2:00pm and 6:00pm. 

Registration is available here.  To register, simply click on Book Event, log in and the rest is easy.  BTW: If you haven’t previously registered, it’s easy and free!

Here’s the agenda.

1. JRockit Real Time, Mission Control and Coherence.
This presentation will provide a technical overview of JRockit, the monitoring, management and diagnostic solution called Mission Control followed by a discussion concerning the impacts on application performance and scalability – especially around Coherence.  This is a must see for anyone that is interested in the latest JVM technologies and memory management, including deterministic garbage collection.

2. Coherence 3.5: A Sneak Preview
The Coherence 3.5 release is only a matter of months away.  In this presentation we’ll dive into some of the core improvements and new features. 

3. Coherence Incubator Update
A lot has happened in the Coherence Incubator since it release.  In this presentation we’ll dive into some of the improvements and discuss the roadmap.  If you want to influence the roadmap, this is a great time to provide feedback.

4. Coherence Push Replication: WAN Patterns Revisited
In this presentation we’ll review the Push Replication Pattern, what’s new and the 10 common WAN application architectures.  A must for anyone wanting to know “how to do WAN”.

This time we have the “larger room”, but given last SIG attendence, register early so we don’t turn anyone away!

BTW: If you have colleagues in New York, perhaps they’d be interested in attending the New York Coherence SIG.


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