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Best Travel Adapter for your Mac Book Pro (Intel Core Duo)

When I received my first Mac Book Pro  (Intel Core Duo 32-bit) it came with this nice 85 watt power adapter.  Of course it was a little on the large side, but it was better than all of my previous notebook power adapters.  It was great.  I could use it in almost all countries around the world with the World Travel Adapter Kit.  Perfect.  However the biggest problem was that it often didn’t work in the air… ie: on planes.  Ok yes I have the Magsafe Airline Adapter Kit, but in a lot of cases they simply don’t work (especially in Asia Pacific) as planes have very different in-seat connections.  So you have no choice but to attempt to use the normal power adapter.

Here’s the real problem.  The old 85 watt power adapters that came with the first (and second) generation MacBook Pros will almost always blow the in-seat power fuse on most airline business class seats (I do a lot of traveling and am lucky enough on some long haul flights to travel in business).  Consequently not only are you left in a situation where you can’t really use a laptop (ok, i do carry a second battery, but that’s not enough for a 14hr flight), but you also manage to piss off an entire row of people (including the big guy sitting next to you) as each seat row is typically on the same fuse.  Of course, this is not to mention the risk of damaging the plane (let’s not go there).

So for a while I simply didn’t use my power adapter on flights. I just changed batteries and relaxed on long hauls.  However on my last trip I found a much simpler solution.  I purchased one of the new and much smaller 60 watt power adapters to see how that would go.  Contrary to what I heard and read on the Internet, these new 60 watt power adapters not only power a first generation Mac Book Pro (intel) in the air, they also charge the battery!  Happy Days!

For me this is great; a). now my main power adapter is smaller and lighter, b). I can use it on the plane (safely) and c). I no longer need to carry additional batteries.

Of course, all of this may be a mute point now as I’ve ordered a new Mac Book.