Coherence in Japan

Well I’ve finally made it back to Japan (and managed to wake up after some back-to-back jetlag fun; New York, Boston, London and Tokyo in 10 days has been an interesting experiment in sleep management).  Unlike last visit, which was primarly about training and Coherence workshops, this time I’m here for a series of conference presentations and new customer visits.  Like Coherence in other parts of the world, adoption is really rocking here.

As far as my schedule goes, tomorrow (Tuesday) I’m talking at the Japan Java Users Group (in Tokyo) about Data Grid Patterns with Coherence. It’s a similar to the presentation that I gave in QCon early this year, but with more diagrams.  On Wednesday and Thursday I’ll be talking at Oracle Open World Japan (also in Tokyo), not only about Coherence but also about Scaling SOA (without having to rebuild everything).

The most exciting task for the week however is to start organizing the Coherence SIG for Japan, well Tokyo at least.  When Simon Bisson and I thought up and delivered the first Coherence SIG nearly two years ago, we certainly didn’t conceive that we’d be running them globally!

Speaking of Coherence SIGs, the next London one will be on the 14th of May – the two year anniversary.  I’ll be releasing the agenda and registration details in the coming days.


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