Raw Power… summary of Coherence NYSIG

If you haven’t read it already, Craig has written an interesting summary of the Coherence NYSIG.

While I wasn’t able to attend, I did hear that the talks where well received, especially Patrick’s on Coherence Portable Object Format, or POF as we call it.  Basically this presentation was an extension to the one we delivered at the London and NY SIGs a while back, but with a lot more details about evolving objects and new stuff in Coherence 3.5 (we’ll be covering the new stuff at the next London SIG).  It was great to cover the new ground, especially how to design backward and forward compatible applications that don’t require a cluster restart.  Awesome work Patrick on the new slides and design guidelines.

What I didn’t know however, and what I think is completely hilarious, is that a few “competitors” tried to “sneak” people into the SIG.  What gives?  I mean, when some (not all) competitors seemingly spend so much time “rubbishing” Coherence, yet they then try to attend the SIGs, I really wonder what’s agenda? Oh… and the best tactic is when they send “partners” along to attend.  We certainly never saw that one coming.

I guess they do have a special interest in Coherence :P, so perhaps they should attend? Personally I think Craig’s comment about this is spot on; [this should be fine but you must be fine with this] “we are happy to come to meet your customers at your next event”… the most important thing here being “next event”.  Err…. please let us know when the next non-sales event is occurring so we can send the “Oracle Bus” (ie: collection of multi-domain experts) around to take notes.


One response to “Raw Power… summary of Coherence NYSIG

  1. NYC is big enough I guess to have all kinds of interests… We’ve had the **same** situation with our Java SIG presentation and then I was lectured by some “well known” competition 🙂

    Funny – I agree.

    Nikita Ivanov.
    GridGain Systems.

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