London Coherence SIG – Spring Edition: Thursday May 14th.

[It’s nothing to really do with the “Spring Framework”, it’s about the season]

Here’s the current agenda for the next London Coherence SIG event, to occur on the 14th of May, from 2pm to 6pm at the Oracle London Office.

[Updated] You can now register using the UKOUG Coherence SIG site  here

1. Integration: Oracle Coherence and Platform Symphony (by Platform Computing)
In this talk Platform Computing outline the use, deployment and management of Oracle Coherence on the Platform Symphony Grid Product. Included in the presentation is a demonstration of static and dynamic Coherence Server management, together with a dynamic integration with Microsoft Excel (via the Coherence .NET client)

2. Portable Objects: Best Practices for Seamless Java, .NET and C++ Interoperability (by Aleksandar Seovic – Coherence.NET Engineer)
Portable Object Format (POF) is an important technology used within Oracle Coherence. It’s central to the optimal Binary represent of objects and the seamless integration between Java, .NET and C++ clients. While it’s been available for some time, those using the Java version of Coherence don’t often use it.

In this session you will learn best practices on how to use POF within your cross-platform applications, as well as why you should use POF as a
serialization format even in pure Java applications. We will also cover new POF-related features introduced in Coherence 3.5, such as POF extractor and
POF updater, and show you how you can leverage them in order to a). improve the performance of your applications, b). reduce the amount of network traffic and b). reduce your memory footprint within the grid.

About the speaker: Aleksander was one of the core engineers that developed the initial version of Coherence .NET and the first Portable Object implementations. He’s a very talented and experienced .NET developer. He was also one of the founding engineers of Spring.NET, the .NET implementation of the Spring Framework. (ok… The Spring Framework may be mentioned)

If you have any Coherence .NET, .NET, Spring.NET or POF interests, he’s a must see speaker. He’ll be traveling from the United States for this talk.

3. Product Update: Coherence 3.5 (by Gene Gleyzer – Head of Coherence Engineering)
With the release of Coherence 3.5 just around the corner, come along to here Gene dive into some of the cool new features.

About the speaker: Gene was a founding engineer of Coherence. He probably knows more about Coherence than anyone else, and how to build massively scalable high-performance systems. He’s a must see speaker if you have any detailed questions about Coherence. He’ll be traveling from the Coherence Engineering team in the United States for this talk.

4. Community Update: Coherence Incubator
As usual, we’re going to be doing a Coherence Incubator update. We’ll be covering some of the changes together with a new pattern. Be there to find out.


— Brian (from Tokyo)


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