Oracle Open World Japan 2009: Done.

Well I’ve finally made it back to London (after 15hrs in a flying Air France can). It was certainly an interesting, enjoyable and busy trip to Tokyo.  The local teams and myself managed to pack a lot of meetings into just a few days!  As usual, all perfectly organized and synchronized – with multiple translators.  In all I gave over 7 hours of presentations about various Oracle Fusion Middleware and various Oracle Coherence concepts, everything from;

i). A keynote about Data Grid Design Patterns (was at the Japan Java Users Group. Had about 400 people in the talk I think),

ii). The concept of Application Grids – a new paradigm to help companies consolidate existing application servers (including open source) to make better use of existing hardware and proactively monitor / manage them. The whole point being that you may not need to make the “big bang” to Virtualized Infrastructure or Clouds if we all simply manage our existing architecture better.  For example; instead of provisioning applications individually (on dedicated or virtualized hardware), why not share the application on read hardware.  It turns out that doing this “first” before virtualizing (or thinking about cloud) may yield better benefits than attempting to move to virtualization / clouds immediately.  Some cost/benefit analysis is showing it’s cheaper and less risky to do so.

iii). An Introduction to Coherence – basically one of the standard Coherence introductions to developers and architects, and

iv). Optimizing existing SOA applications using the Application Grid and Data Grid concepts.

Of course there where a bunch of other talks about Oracle Coherence (like the new Toplink Grid JPA implementation and lab sessions), but it was hard to keep track.  It was great to see so many people talking about “Coherence”.

Here are a few photos of the event;  It’s so cool seeing everything translated.

The building in which Oracle Open World Japan was held was both massive and impressive. Perfectly quiet. Awesome acoustics.  The directions where easy… The conference was in the Glass Building.  The building was called “The Glass Building”.  Perfect for non-Japanese-speakers like myself!

Glass BUilding

Glass Building

This was the directions board for the Toplink Grid (ie: Coherence JPA implementation) presentation and hands-on-laboratory session.

Toplink Grid Session

Toplink Grid Session

 It was pretty cool to see Oracle Coherence stuff in Japanese.  Of course, I couldn’t understand a word of it.  Perhaps next time 😉

Oracle Coherence (in Japanese)

Oracle Coherence (in Japanese)

I managed to find the Oracle Coherence Demo Booth (during the quiet period while talks where on… actually in the last hour of the last day) 

Oracle Coherence Demo Booth

Oracle Coherence Demo Booth

And lastly, a photo of “Wendy Wendy” (no I don’t have a typing problem!).  From what I can tell, she’s the Oracle Japan “mascot”. She drew a big crowd.

Wendy Wendy

Wendy Wendy


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