London Coherence SIG – Summer Edition: 13th August

Here’s the current agenda for the next London Coherence SIG event, to occur on the 13th of August, from 2pm to 6pm at the Oracle London Office.

You can now register using the UKOUG Coherence SIG site  here

1. Introduction to Oracle Enterprise Manager for Coherence

Oracle Enterprise Manager provides a complete integrated management solution for monitoring and management of applications, middleware, security, databases, virtual machines, configurations, operating systems and other enterprise class non-Oracle infrastructure.  With the recent release of the Coherence Management pack, Oracle Enterprise Manager now has the capability to manage Coherence Clusters, all from within the standard web-based management console.

In this talk we demonstrate the features of the Coherence Management Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager, including monitoring real-time and historical information, runtime configuration, raising alerts and provisioning.

2. Just Plain Cool: The other cool things in Coherence 3.5

In this talk we look at several of the “other” new features inside Coherence 3.5.  In particular we look at the extensions made to the PartitionListener interface, Partitioned Backing Maps, the notion of a BinaryEntry, index support for local, replicated and continuous query caches, support for processAll() and POF Extractors.

3. Introduction to the Processing Pattern

In this talk we introduce the concept and incubated implementation of the Processing Pattern – a new mechanism to perform grid-computing with Coherence.  We demonstrate how this may be used to have standard Java Runnables and Callables reliably managed and executed in the Data Grid, together with the framework for creating your own task execution framework.

4. Coherence and Incubator Release and Roadmap Update

In this brief talk we look at some of the up coming features in Coherence and new projects on the Coherence Incubator.

Hopefully it will still be Summer!


— Brian


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  1. Think that should be Rain Edition…..

  2. thank you for the post.
    this is looking to be very useful.
    keep going on.

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