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This never gets old…

Has the process of developing and delivering software really changed?

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New Coherence Incubator Releases

As announced at the London Coherence SIG last week, we’ve released a new set of updates to the Coherence Incubator, the major highlights being;

  • Introduction of the new Examples Project: This contains a set of Coherence Incubator Examples.  Once easy download that includes all of the patterns, including multiple push-replication deployments.
  • A significant update to the previously released Processing Pattern, including new types of dispatchers and executors.

While a lot has been achieved in this set of updates, if I had to pick my favorite thing for the release, it would be our improved documentation examples.  In particular, the multi-site Auction example really rocks.  In the past few weeks we’ve demonstrated this around the world, including Oracle Open World and the London Coherence SIG, with fantastic feedback.  I can’t wait for the next release… and to demonstrate it on multiple clouds at QCon San Francisco in a few weeks.