Leopard to Snow Leopard Upgrade (almost no problems)

So I’ve finally managed to get a few seconds to upgrade my 13″ Mac Book Pro and Mac Pro to Snow Leopard.  For the most part the upgrade was a very simple process.  For the Mac Book Pro, I simply inserted the DVD (while running Leopard), clicked on Install and let it do it’s thing.  About an 40 minutes later everything was good.

The Mac Pro was a little more challenging.  I think this was mainly due to the fact that I’m running RAID 1 disks as my boot drive.  After inserting the DVD, I expected pretty much the same response as my Mac Book Pro.  Alas, it was different.  Instead of asking me if it was ok to install Snow Leopard onto my RAID array, it couldn’t find any hard drives at all (and gave no message to indicate what was happening or what to do).  The bundled instructions were unfortunately useless.

The simple solution however was to boot from the DVD 🙂  That is, restart the machine and hold down the “Option” key while it was booting, select the Snow Leopard DVD as the start up disk and let it do it’s work.  After this everything proceeded as per my first installation on the Mac Book Pro.

I have two general warnings about making this upgrade though;

1. If you’re a developer and use Java 1.5, don’t do this upgrade.  Java 1.5 (as far as I can tell) is not supported on Snow Leopard.  Your existing Java installation will become Java 1.6 – great if you can use that (which I can).

2. If you have some 32-bit applications (like Growl) that make use of the System Preferences (application), then you’ll be annoyed by the constant need to change into “32-bit mode” to use the applets for the said 32-bit applications.  I don’t expect it will be long before Growl is 64-bit happy, but in the mean time, be prepared for a little bit of restarting the System Preferences application.

Apart from that, Snow Leopard is sweet.


2 responses to “Leopard to Snow Leopard Upgrade (almost no problems)

  1. Hi.

    sounds like yours was a lot quicker than mine. I did the upgrade on my MacBook Pro today also. It took about 1:49 in total. 🙂

    Seems to have worked OK though.



  2. Must be remote mind control from Apple because I also updated my MacBook Pro today. Took about 45 minutes not including the Xcode install. So far so good.

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