The Oracle Coherence Book!

It’s finally done!  The first book about Oracle Coherence is now available for pre-ordering from the publishers website here. Supporting it’s release, an interview/conversation with Aleks Seovic (the lead author) and Cameron Purdy (VP of Oracle Coherence Engineering) about the book is available here (mp3).  If you pre-order it’s about 10% cheaper!

<snip>Authored by leading Oracle Coherence authorities, this essential book will teach you how to build high-performance applications that scale to hundreds of servers, without single-points of failure using Oracle Coherence. You will learn when and how to use Coherence features such as distributed caching, parallel processing, and real-time events within your application, and understand how Coherence fits into the overall application architecture.</snip>

For those of you who don’t know Aleks, he led the implementation of Oracle Coherence for .NET and was one of the key people involved in the design and implementation of Portable Object Format (POF), a platform-independent object serialization format that allows seamless interoperability of Coherence-based Java, .NET, and C++ applications.

Basically… he knows he’s stuff.

[Update: He’s going to be making an appearance at the London Coherence SIG this week.   He’ll be talking a bit about the book and the tools he wrote (available online) for Coherence]


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