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London Coherence SIG: Spring Edition: 10th June 2010 (registration now open)

The registration for the next London Coherence SIG, occurring on the 10th of June, is now open.  However before you rush to register, there are several important things to note.

1. This event unlike previous London Coherence SIGs is being run over an entire day! That’s right.  An entire day! We have so much content and so many requests for talks that we’re expanding the London Coherence SIG.  As a trial we’re organizing the day as follows;

In the morning we’re running several workshop sessions.  These will focus on core concepts and some advanced use-cases. They are designed to be informal with plenty of opportunities to ask questions, provide feedback etc.

In the afternoon we’re running the usual presentation sessions, much like the regular Coherence SIGs that we’ve been running for the past few years.

Given this new format the SIG registration process has changed a little.  Like before you still register for the entire Coherence SIG with the UKOUG, but as part of the last stage of the process you must now nominate which of these sessions you’d like to attend (or both if you like).

The registration page, hosted by the UKOUG is here.

As before, the event is free for all to attend, but please remember if you register but then can’t attend, please let us know as we do incur costs for non-attendance.  ie: catering is not free for us.

2. Given the growth of the Coherence SIGs, us constantly running out of space and having waiting lists, we’re changing to a larger premises.  This event will be held at the Sun Microsystems Office, not the usual Oracle Office.  Here’s the new address.

Sun Microsystems: Customer Briefing Centre
Regis House
45 King William Street

Here’s the Google Map.

3. We have some great talent talking at this SIG.  While I’m sure all of the workshops and presentations will be helpful, I’d especially like to point out that we’ve got Gene Gleyzer (Chief Architect of Coherence) and Patrick Peralta (Senior Engineer and Production Guru) coming over from the Boston-based Coherence Engineering group to present.  These are talks you shouldn’t miss.

Ok… here’s what you’ve been waiting for.  The final agenda.

Workshop Sessions

10:30 Workshop Registration and Welcome

11:00 Workshop: Coherence Cache Configuration and Deployment Patterns (Brian Oliver, Oracle)

In this workshop we discuss the various common Coherence Cache Configurations and how they relate to deployment patterns.  We’ll cover all of the common cache configurations and deployment topologies.  If you’re just starting with Coherence, this talk will be invaluable to help you build your deployment model.

11:45 Workshop: Coherence Monitoring & Management with Geneos (Nick Pike, ITRS)

ITRS Geneos is an enterprise standard for real-time infrastructure and application monitoring in three of the top five investment banks. It is a proactive, real-time systems management tool used to provide a unified view of production systems from an IT and business perspective.

In this workshop Nick outlines how Geneos has been used by a number of customers to monitor and manage both Coherence infrastructure and applications built on Coherence. During the workshop a demonstration will highlight how managing Coherence is simplified from an operations perspective and how the tool may also be used to simplify application development, including automated housekeeping like memory management and rolling restarts.

12:30 Workshop Lunch

Please Note:  The workshop lunch is only provided to delegates that attend the morning sessions.

13:00 Workshop: Understanding Rolling Restarts and Upgrades (David Felcey, Oracle)

Providing 24×7 uptime for a Coherence Data Grid requires planning. This workshop will discuss and demonstrate how database tables, cached data objects and clients can be upgraded in a running data grid with no downtime. It will also address operational issues and outline some of the limitations of performing rolling upgrades.

14:00 SIG Registration and Welcome

14:30  Presentation: More Coherence War Stories (Patrick Peralta, Oracle)

In this talk Patrick outlines some of the more interesting Coherence battle stories and the challenges sometimes faced in real production environments with real customers (who lived happily ever after.)  Patrick then discusses operational best practices to avoid such issues and what to do if (when?) they arise.

15:15  Presentation: Coherence 3.5 Advanced Topics (Dr Gene Gleyzer, Oracle)

In this talk Gene discusses some of the more advanced features of Coherence 3.5, including the Service Guardian, Partitioned Backing Maps.  If you’ve ever wanted to know more about how Coherence works, especially the advanced features, this talk by one of the founders of Tangosol and the Chief Architect of Coherence shouldn’t be missed.

16:00  Break

16:30  Presentation: Developing Scalable Queried with Coherence (Patrick Peralta, Oracle)

In addition to the Map based API, Coherence provides a rich API to allow for parallel querying of objects using arbitrary criteria. This talk will explore various techniques for creating efficient and scalable queries with Coherence. Although the query API is simple from a developer point of view, writing queries that yield scalable performance requires upfront design. We will consider query patterns (and anti-patterns) and explore the tools Coherence provides to develop efficient and linearly scalable queries.

17:15  Presentation: Introduction to Push Replication 3.0 (Brian Oliver, Oracle)

In this talk we’ll outline the next generation of Push Replication.  We’ll cover how to use declarative configuration, instead of programmatic configuration, and how to replace the internals, like replacing Coherence Messaging with JMS.

18:00 Close

Looking forward to catching up with everyone and hearing the feedback for this event.




London Coherence SIG: Spring Edition: 10th June 2010

Save this date:  10th of June 2010 (Thursday)

That’s right.  It’s time for another London Coherence SIG.  While it’s probably a bit late to be called the “Spring Edition”, unless London starts to warm up quickly it probably should be the “Winter Edition” again.

This SIG promises to be larger than ever, in size and content!

1. We’re moving to a new premises (the Sun/Oracle Offices on King William Street) to allow for significantly larger turn out (nearly double the capacity).  Hopefully we can avoid having waiting lists from now on!

2. We’re going to be running tutorials/master classes/workshops in the mornings.  The usual SIG presentations will kick off at around 2pm.

3. We’ve got some great speakers lined up, including Gene Gleyzer and Patrick Peralta from the Coherence Engineering team in the United States.

4. We’ve also got a bunch of new announcements around the Incubator.

More details to come next week… including the full schedule and place the register.

Have a great weekend.