Monthly Archives: September 2010

London Coherence SIG: Autumn Edition: 1st of October, 2010

Just a quick update about the next London Coherence SIG.  We’ve scheduled it for the 1st of October.  It will be held in the London Oracle Offices and like the last event, will run all day.  The morning will be dedicated to workshops with talks in the afternoon.

Registration page for the event is here.

See you there.

— Brian


Coherence 3.6 support for the Coherence Incubator Projects

Today we released an incremental update for each of the Coherence Incubator projects that adds support for Coherence 3.6 and resolves a number of issues discovered by the community since the last set of releases.

As part of the update you’ll notice that each project now provides separate downloads for Coherence 3.5 and Coherence 3.6, thus allowing each project to take advantage of the latest Coherence features and simultaneously maintain backwards compatibility to Coherence 3.5 where possible and appropriate.

I’m sure you’ll find the new Coherence 3.6 support useful as you migrate from Coherence 3.5

— Brian