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London Coherence Training Schedule

If you’re in London and looking for Coherence training, you’re in luck.  Oracle University is now offering regular training.  While based on Coherence 3.6 at the moment, it’s a great introduction to Coherence.  Moving to Coherence 3.7 will be a snap.


Coherence SIG: Spring Edition: 3rd May, 2011

Updated: The registration is now open here:


3rd May, 2011
Oracle London
One South Place,
London. EC2M 2RB (Google Map)


The theme of this SIG is to discuss and cover in some detail, the latest (to be released very very shortly unless there’s some kind of disaster), version of Coherence.  Essentially the morning will cover Coherence, the afternoon will cover Incubator examples (also being released simultaneously).

For this SIG we’re only running a single track, simply to focus on the latest release.  For the next SIG we’ll be running multiple tracks again.

10:00 Registration

Registration, Badge and Schedule Pick Up.  Tea, Coffee and refreshments served.


10:30  Coherence 3.7 Update: Part 1 (Brian Oliver and friends, Oracle)
In this talk we’ll take a look at some of the latest features in Coherence 3.6+.  More details to come once it’s released.

11:45  Coherence 3.7 Update: Part 2 (Brian Oliver and friends, Oracle)
The follow on session from Part 1 🙂

13:00  Lunch

13:30  Evolution of Gridman (Andrew Wilson)
In this talk, Andrew will walk through the architectural progression from “put-get” man right through to real-time-scalable-events man. It took him 4 years to make this transition and he’s still learning!

14:45  Incubator 10 Goodies: Testing and Tooling (Brian Oliver, Harvey Raja, Oracle)
Finally it’s here and there’s a lot of new goodies.  This talk will focus on Testing and the latest things in Coherence Common, including reflection-based POF serialization

15:45  Break

16:15  The Event Distribution Pattern (Brian Oliver, Oracle)
In this talk we take a look at the newest edition to the Incubator, the Event Distribution Pattern, a simple pattern enabling the distribution of application level events to multiple devices and/or clusters.  Now the basis of latest Push Replication Pattern, the Event Distribution Pattern opens up an entirely new range of new architectural styles for your applications.

17:00 (to be announced)

17:45 Close