OSX Lion Upgrade (Part 2)

Updated to 10.7.1 last night.  Unfortunately the mouse pointer acceleration issues aren’t resolved, but network connectivity seems to be way smoother (over the past week I’ve occasionally had to reboot the machine to get the network to work).

However I’m now completely “sold” on the new scrolling (reversed like the iPhone/iPad).  :P.  That and the new Mail.app are nice. Really looking forward to 10.7.2 or what ever the version is that will resolve the erratic mouse pointer acceleration.


2 responses to “OSX Lion Upgrade (Part 2)

  1. Maybe your Magic Mouse bluetooth is having connection issues. Do the mouse issues happen with wired mouse too?

    • I wish. That’d be an easy fix. To test this out I swapped the HDD and rebooted on Snow Leopard. Mouse works fine. Additionally my wired mouse suffers from the same problem. For now I limit myself to working on a single screen and less than 30″. On multiple screens it’s basically unusable.

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