OSX Lion Upgrade (Part 3)

Hmmm… Mysteriously Print Preview now crashes with OSX Lion 😦  It worked perfectly in the beginning.

After about an hour or so of searching/reading, I found the following forum details a related permissions problem:


For some reason the “root” user doesn’t have read/write permissions to the Libraries folder!  Very weird.

Looking forward to 10.7.2 to fix the remaining “niggles”.


3 responses to “OSX Lion Upgrade (Part 3)

  1. Maybe the the root user is not missing privileges, but the Lion introduces application sandboxes. So the apps are no longer running as root.

    petri$ ls -lad /Library
    drwxr-xr-x+ 66 root wheel 2244 23 Elo 23:24 /Library

    If this is not your /Library settings, try running permission fix from DiskUtil.

    • Actually is the Library folder that’s missing privileges. I compared Snow Leopard to Lion. The difference is very clear. The fix was easy though.

      Unfortunately using DiskUtils won’t fix the problem. It’s not that the privileges are broken/need repair, they are simply missing.

      • I guess if I “upgraded” instead of doing a totally clean install, some of these problems may not have occurred.

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