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JSR-107 Early Draft Released (after nearly 12 years)

It’s been in the works for a number of years, more than a decade, but finally we’re making some solid process moving the JCache Specification forward, hopefully for inclusion in Java EE 7.

Yesterday the JCP made the important step of posting the Early Draft specification and API for JSR107. See for details.

While an enormous amount of progress was made last year and early this year (by many people – not so much me) the JSR was somewhat delayed while the legals were resolved, especially with respect to ensuring clean and clear IP for Java itself, the eventual JCache Providers and the community.   Thankfully this stage is complete and we can move forward.

Source Code
For those of you that don’t know, all of the artifact are hosted on GitHub at

If you’d like to pick up builds, you can do so from the CloudBees continuous build infrastructure here:

JSR 107 Resourcing
Now the the Early Draft is out, Greg Luck (Terracotta) and myself (now a co-spec lead) will be committing the majority of our time to get this finished, together with appropriate implementations and the Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK), should you wish to write your own implementation.   However these things don’t happen in isolation so it would be greatly appreciated if you can free up some time over the next few months to take a look.   Unfortunately if we fail to get feedback, we’ll be force to make stuff up and “move on”.   ie: We both want this JSR completed asap.

JCP 2.7 Process
The Early Draft Review has now started and it is scheduled to end on 22 November. During this process we’ll continue to work on answering questions, making required changes etc.  Once complete we’ll start the Public Draft (another 30 days of review) and during the last week, we’ll schedule an EC ballot.  Should everything go well we’ll complete the RI and TCK then seek final approval for the JSR.

For those of you attending the next Coherence SIG (in London), I’ll be there to give an update and talk about Coherence support.


— Brian