Where’s my Eclipse IDE gone? (into the Trash)

After using and I guess supporting the Eclipse IDE now for almost 10 years, it’s finally failed badly enough that I’ve dragged into the Trash.  Why?  The last straw was simply the irritating and annoying unstable editor scrolling performance on a variety of platforms.  It’s no longer worth it.

eg: Working on my notebook 11″ screen is fine.  Working on a 24″ screen is slow.  Working on a 30″ screen – scrolling just doesn’t work.   Of course the caveat here is that I’ve got white-space highlighting and line numbers turned on.  If I turn these features off it works fine.  However, I need and use these features everyday – hence it’s no longer a solution.

I tried a bunch of releases, patches, hacks, work-arounds and searched the code base.  However  there comes a point in time that trying to resolve the problem is far more painful than switching IDEs.

So I’ve switched.  I switched to JetBrains IntelliJ 11 (and 12).   It wasn’t easy and wasn’t exactly fun (after nearly 10 years on Eclipse there’s a lot of short-cuts to remember), but it’s worth it in terms of productivity.  (While I could use the Eclipse key-mappings, I have no intention on going back so I’m gradually learning the native IntelliJ ones).

Luckily all of my favorite plugins are supported, especially JIndent that I which I use routinely across around six different projects.

So… So long Eclipse.  You were once a great platform.  Now you’re slow, large and cumbersome (compared to other platforms out there).

PS: Buying a personal license of IntelliJ is so worth it!


4 responses to “Where’s my Eclipse IDE gone? (into the Trash)

  1. Did you try eclipse 3.8.1?
    It’s still superfast.

    • Yup. I tried everything back to 3.6. Of course it’s obviously something to do with my setup. Unfortunately I can’t continue to invest more time in trying to work it out, nor dumbing down my environment. It’s a shame, but for now I’m finding IntelliJ a pleasure to work with and I’m being extremely productive.

      To be honest I’ve tried this “switch” several times before. Given my previous experiences I think IntelliJ 11 is the first version I can use without wanting to pull my hair out. IntelliJ 12 is even better. Even with all of the Eclipse settings off and optimizing the hell out of it, it really lags behind a default IntelliJ 11 or 12 install. I’m completely stunned as to how fast it is.

  2. Hello I’m 3 years IntelliJ IDEA user in Japan. I’ve translated this post into my blog (http://mikeneck.blogspot.jp/2013/02/eclipse.html), because I love IntelliJ IDEA.

  3. Ioannis Mavroukakis

    I’m exactly in the same boat as you. Long time Eclipse user, but ditched it last December for IntelliJ. It’s not just the speed and plugins but also the way they have thought out the code helpers in general that has impressed me.

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