Coherence Incubator 11 Released

It’s here!  Oracle Coherence Incubator Release 11 has now been finalized and made public.  Everyone can now pick up the official Maven builds from or via Maven Central.

Instead of repeating all of the goodies and release details again, I’ll simply refer you to take a look at my recent post.   However to save you some time, here are the important new links:

Coherence Incubator Project:

Coherence Community Source Code:

Release Documentation:

If you’re not using Apache Maven for dependency management, you can still download the signed artifacts manually, including the jars, javadoc and source from Maven Central (which is Simply search for: “coherence incubator“.

What about Coherence Incubator 10?
Over the next few days, weeks and months our plan is to retire Coherence Incubator 10.  During this time we will be encouraging everyone to move over to Coherence Incubator 11.   There are a lot of advantages to this (like being able to easily build it yourself).  

Importantly we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that Coherence Incubator 11 is technically the same as Coherence Incubator 10 – if they aren’t that’s a defect – which we should be able to resolve.  Basically anyone that’s currently using Coherence Incubator 10 should be able to simply swap the jars (updating the versions of course) and carry on.  Of course there are a few differences, but this are scoped to where and how examples are run, together with new documentation.

As we’ve previously done with major releases,  the old site, documentation and downloads for Coherence Incubator 10 will still be available.  We’re not taking those away.   However all new work and defect fixes will only occur in Coherence Incubator 11+ (unless there’s some monumental pressure – and I mean monumental).



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