Coherence Incubator 12.1.0 Released!

On the back of the Oracle Tools 1.1.0 release, today we released an update to Coherence Incubator – Version 12.1.0.   While the change history provides the low-level details, the exciting news is the introduction of the JVisualVM plugin for Oracle Coherence (supporting versions 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 and 12.1.2) – the details of which are available here.

If you are using Oracle Coherence, running Java Development Kit 7 and want to visualize what’s happening in your development environment, this plug-in is for you!   Forget JConsole – you need JVisualVM for Coherence.  It’s extremely easy to install and easy to use.  (btw: you’ve already got JVisualVM installed if you’re using JDK7)

More details about the plug-in installation is now available on the Oracle Coherence Blog.

As usual, comments, feedback, defect reports and feature requests are always welcome on the Coherence Incubator Project.

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Issue Tracker:
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8 responses to “Coherence Incubator 12.1.0 Released!

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  2. Hi Brian,
    I am trying to implement the Coammand Pattern with Coharence 12 incubator jar. I am getting following error

    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The method public$State,$State, defined in class class annotated with is not compatible with the required method signature ‘Instruction method(State, State, Context);’.

    I would really appreciate if you can throw some light on it.

  3. Thanks Brian for your reply I had downloaded
    coherence-commandpattern-12.1.0.jar and coherence-common-12.1.0.jar from;quick~coherence
    Can you please guide me where I can download the latest jars for incubator release.

  4. I also tried coherence-common-12.1.1-20140204.133432-2.jar and coherence-commandpattern-12.1.1-20140204.133455-2.jar
    from 12.1.1-SNAPSHOT/
    But it has the same result.

  5. Thanks Brian for your timely response. I had raised the Jira COHINC-94 for the same.
    I would really appreciate if we get a fix soon.

    Ashish Garg

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