Monthly Archives: October 2008

QCon: In Finance Exchange (free event)

Ok… I’m a little late in blogging this, but on Wednesday next week (8th of October) I’ll be speaking at QCon: In Finance eXchange on the topic of Patterns for managing order books and reference data on a global basis.  Over the past few years I’ve been involved in numerous commercial projects (predominantly with tier-1 investment banks) that face the challenge of “how to manage and keep multiple globally distributed clusters containing fragmented order books and reference data (interconnected by potentially unreliable wide-area-networks) in sync (close to real time)”. Or similarly, how to keep your Disaster Recovery site(s) in sync and potentially in active+active configuration at all times.

While most of these challenges have been solved in the past using a combination of technologies (including messaging platforms, enterprise service buses, database log shipping and Oracle Coherence), several recent implementations have solely been based on Oracle Coherence, providing a simple, elegant, high-capacity and close-to-real-time solution without the need for additional servers or infrastructure.  In the talk, I’ll cover some of these new patterns.

Even if you’re not interested in this talk, there are two things I think you’ll really like about this event; a). it’s FREE and b). the speakers are well known (perhaps not me… it’s a privilege to be invited to talk!)… but people like Rod Johnson (of Spring Source) and Eric Evans (Domain Driven Design guru) and many others will be there to share some of their insights.  

If you’re in London, work in Financial Services (I hope you’re doing ok!) and have some time free, drop by.